Monday, May 17, 2010

epilogue Sissyed out

Well, if anyone read this blog they may have guessed from the lack of posts I wimped out. The feeling of having femininity thrust upon you at an increasing rate proved to much for me and after master gave me a masturbation assignment and I had cum i suddenly had a moment where it no longer seemed like a good idea. I slacked on my assignments and then sent Master an e-mail to that effect.

Sorry for the unhappy ending. But I having a conclusion gives more insight so others can learn. I have gone back to just wearing woman's clothes only when I surf the net. But I still occasionally reminisce what could have been. But this is probably healthier for me at the moment. I think I should wait a while. I sort decided to pursue this too because I thought I only have a little while that i can look really hot as a sissy while i am young. So I won't force it and wait a while.


Friday, April 16, 2010

A sissy without

Well this morning took an unusual turn. I had the day off so I was checking up on some of my favorite sissy sites and also masturbating when I saw a new e-mail in my inbox:

"From this point you must cease all masturbation activities unless they are directed by me. This is not negotiable sissy girl. " Then he followed it with a specific instructions of how he wanted me to masturbate.

Arghh maybe I could just finish myself off and start on this afterwards I thought. Who would know? But of course that was not the right way for this sissy. So I decided to make the most of my very first masturbation assignment. Which was to shove three fingers up my ass for a time and then masturbate only using the tip of my pinky on my clit. OMG what a frustrating experience.

I didn't really like having my hand up my ass. I have used toys before and I like them much better. But I knew this was my only chance to cum and I really wanted to cum. I tried rubbing where I think my prostate is with my middle finger. I tried the cum hither motion with my fingers and twirling them around. I was determined to ride it out and as time went on I felt some different sensations in my ass but none of them where an orgasm. While I was doing this I put on a video of Flower Tucci masturbating her ass and decided to keep going as long as she did. In the end she erupts into a wonderful orgasm.

I hoped that by playing with my ass first some magic would have happened back there and it would be easier to accomplish orgasm with my pinky finger. This did not happen. I laid there maybe twenty five minutes slowly circling my clit. Occasionally I would think I was getting there i would tense my pc muscles, relax my pc muscles focus on my breathing anything that i thought would make my body cum. But it wasn't to be. I guess they say the female orgasm is 90% mental. There where moments when it felt like something was sort of happening but nothing crystallized. Eventually my clit got really sensitive and kind of sore on the spots I was rubbing so I called it in. Now I am sitting here in my panties really frustrated, my ass a little sore. I am trying not to get turned on. Usually I masturbate twice or more a day. How am I going to deal with this?

On another note Master wanted me to name my toys. So Thor is the name of my butt plug, a Doc Johnsons medium and Amber is the name of my favorite toy a small black vibrating anal dildo.

First assignment

Well I recieved my first e-mail from Master Matt and he says the i will now wear panties from now because "This is a very basic requirement for a sissy and since you are a sissy this means you. They will help to make you feel very girly and be a constant reminder that you are now a sissy girl in training." so here I go.

I only own two real pairs so I am going to have to buy a few more. Not to mention the real question of how am i going to feel wearing panties out and about in my daily life. Oh well careful what you wish for...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My first post!!

Hello internet. For a couple of years now I have been really interested in feminization and sissification. So after doing this great tease

I e-mailed Master Matt and have agreed to participate in a series of feminizing assignments. So follow this blog and see 20 something man turn into a beautiful sissy. I have butterflies in my stomach but I am also incredibly excited and horny.

I sure hope this works out well.